Product Features and Roadmap

The Qavach is a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment software that is dedicated to the Port and Terminal industry, and is uniquely configured for the Container Terminal vertical.

Designed by HSE specialists from the leading global terminals, and best-in-class systems, the Qavach is intelligent, integrated, automated and provides real-time safety cover to every part of the terminal.

A flexible engagement option gives the Terminal the choice to start with the Core, and scale up selectively or rapidly with the grouping in Safety and Additional Modules. The road map of future modules ensure the Qavach is dynamic and growing.

Core HSE Modules

The Qavach is a baseline standard product of 7 modules satisfying the primary and most crucial safety needs of the terminal, and the area where the greatest risk lie and comprises the greatest HSE workload and management.

There is a completely dedicated workflow from masters and design thinking to ensure there is data validation, automated down-stream transfer, and real-time activation of processes in sequential modules.

The CORE modules provide exceptional HSE coverage and are already a Best-in-Class for Terminals.

Safety Modules

Advanced and best-in-class Safety Modules are available as a group or individually for you to augment the CORE for the ease of adoption and scaling up. It allows controlling your budget and the pace of implementation.

All the Safety Modules are seamlessly integrate with the CORE modules, with real-time data integration, status visibility, alerts and notifications and greater value creation.

Discuss your needs from the SAFETY Module list with our experts who will share with you where value can be created, time saved, and above all, where safety is enhanced.

Additional Modules

A significant part of the QAVACH are the ADDITIONAL modules that complement the CORE and the SAFETY modules and integrate seamlessly, and enhance the product experience and returns. Of great significance is the Remote User Access which is an enterprise scale Mobile App that allows the entire Terminal Workforce to stay connected, report in real-time and grow a Safety Culture. Various modules look at the Environment aspects of HSE, while others here look at the Statutory compliance and reporting requirements. Together, they form the Qavach Platform.

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