Qavach Roadmap

The Qavach is a product that is alive, and it is there to grow and develop to serve the diverse and extensive needs to the HSE professionals working in the Ports and Terminal business.

Safety and its culture too are extensive with many concepts that augment and enhance the culture of safety and establish a safety mindset. It is Quantum’s strategy that the product should ceaselessly grow and enhance its capabilities.

Other areas where the Qavach will add modules and technical drivers is in providing a data delivery platform for the terminals ESG compliance and ML & AI to automate the entire predictive and preventive safety landscape.

Toolbox Talk

The Toolbox Talks is a core component of any robust HSE program, designed to facilitate daily safety discussions on the Container Terminals various job sites.

This module allows the terminal’s teams to easily access and deliver short safety presentations on critical topics, ensuring the terminals workers are continually reminded of safety practices.

Key functionalities include customizable templates, scheduling, real-time updates, and tracking of attendee feedback & attendance, capturing photographs/videos, etc.

The Toolbox Talk is tightly integrated to the rest of the QAVACH Modules and allows for the planning and calendar functions to send alerts, notifications and be included in Actions.

Engagement Program

This module supports the Container Terminal in developing, implementing, and monitoring programs that focus on standardized risk reduction methods or controls across various operational areas and equipment across the terminal.

The management is able to empower the managers and HSE operatives to implement and monitor standardized risk controls, enhancing workplace safety across various operational areas and equipment. It facilitates active employee involvement in safety initiatives, significantly boosting compliance and reducing risks and creating a Safety Culture.

Additionally, the module integrates advanced analytics and mobile accessibility, providing real-time insights and on-the-go updates to improve safety outcomes and streamline compliance tracking across all terminal operations.

Safety Walk

The Safety Walks module provides a structured approach to conducting regular safety interactions throughout the various operational areas of the terminal.

It guides senior management & leadership teams in identifying hazards and engaging with staff on safety practices. The Safety Walk is a key tool in the terminals awareness program of various events and methods of preventive safety that should be employed.

The Safety Walk also supports multimedia capture of findings, real-time hazard reporting, and corrective action tracking to ensure comprehensive risk management. It is integrated to the Qavach and draws its feed from reported incidents across the terminal.

Injury Frequency Rate

Our software, Qavach, meticulously tracks Injury Frequency Rate by analyzing incidents, injuries, and near misses, providing insights into your terminal's safety performance.

This professional HSE and ESG measure of safety helps you maintain high standards. With real-time dashboards offering deep insights into the causes of incidents, and customizable reports empowering you to identify trends and implement targeted interventions, our software makes safety management efficient and proactive. Seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, Qavach ensures accurate and detailed injury data collection, capturing essential information for each incident.

Our customers would get a great benefit from real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, providing instant access to crucial metrics, trend tracking, and high-risk area identification. This module generates comprehensive reports to meet regulatory compliance with ease. Our advanced analytics and visualization tools offer actionable insights, helping you to identify patterns and implement targeted interventions to prevent future injuries.

Qavach helps you to strengthen your safety culture, ensure regulatory compliance, and create a safer, more productive work environment for all employees.

Return To Work

A seamless integration of workers being absent from work, either through an injury or through wellness is tracked by the RTW module through the process of reintegrating in to the terminals work environment.

The module allows the user to log all absences whether through the automated work-flow or a new absence, update an extensive and highly configurable return-to-work plan, which can also include medical restrictions and monitor recovery progress.

This module can be enhanced to include the inclusion of local compliance with disability laws and helps maintain workforce productivity.

Cost of absence and assignment to various causes or events along with multiple reports and dashboards are a feature of this module.

HSE Induction

The HSE Induction module is crucial for onboarding new employees, contractors & visitors, ensuring they understand their role in maintaining a safe working environment. It is a vital part of creating a Safety Culture through awareness and compliance.

This module delivers comprehensive safety, health, and environmental training materials through an accessible platform that tracks completion and comprehension and covers assessment and issuance of valid training cards.

Options to register terminal employees for on-line training, tracking attendance and courses attended, as well as scoring tests the terminal configures can be provided. The Qavach will monitor all registered terminal employees and create a roster for primary and revalidation training.

Occupational Health

This is a key feature in the terminal's wellness and ESG strategy, and is an essential tool designed to safeguard employee health across the terminal.

It provides a comprehensive system for tracking and managing all aspects of occupational health, including medical monitoring, health risk assessments, and workplace wellness programs.

This module enables the terminal to implement proactive health strategies, monitor employee health trends, and comply with health-related legal requirements. Reporting to the terminal's corporate standards of the ESG guidelines can be created.

ESG Metrics

Navigating the complexities of ESG reporting is daunting with evolving regulations, heightened investor demands, and diverse data sources. Our ESG management module offers a robust solution, streamlining your reporting process with out-of-the-box features and intuitive configuration tools tailored to your organization’s needs.

Traditionally, managing ESG sustainability reporting required a deep understanding of various standards and frameworks. Our software simplifies this with pre-configured reports covering most user cases, while user-friendly configuration tools address any gaps, making ESG reporting seamless and efficient. Collecting data for emission factors across Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, waste, and water is effortless with our constantly updated emission factor libraries, ensuring precise calculations by industry, regulatory body, job site, and more.

Our software integrates seamlessly with existing data sources for comprehensive and accurate data collection. The advanced analytics and visualization tools provide actionable insights into ESG performance, helping to identify areas for improvement and track progress against sustainability goals. Real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities enable quick responses to regulatory changes and stakeholder inquiries. This powerful, tailored solution transforms ESG reporting challenges into efficient processes, ensuring compliance, saving time and resources, and enhancing transparency.

Energy Management

In order to meet ESG commitments of the terminal and shareholder's responsibilities, Quantum shall build an Energy Management module that will allow the terminal to either integrate to their current resource utilisation, or provide an easy feed in to the Qavach.

The module will in the first level allow the leadership and managers to monitoring energy consumption, setting conservation goals, and benchmarking performance against industry standards. It will also allow strategies for optimizing the use of resources across operations, to significantly reducing costs and environmental impact.

A range of reports, dashboards and analytics along with API feed to corporate reporting formats will contribute to ESG targets.


The LOTOTO module ensures the safety of maintenance personnel at the terminal by enforcing procedures to isolate energy sources during equipment maintenance.

It includes capabilities for locking out devices, tagging them with necessary information, and testing systems before they are returned to service, preventing accidental reactivation.

The module shall be customisable through configurable settings to the unique needs of the terminal.

Chemical & MSDS

This module manages the information on the terminals storage, handling, and disposal of chemicals safely and in compliance with global standards.

It provides quick access to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all chemicals in the inventory, facilitates hazard communication, and supports compliance with GHS and REACH regulations.

ISO and Standards

Transform your regulatory compliance with QAVACH's state-of-the-art ISO and Standards module. Whether it's ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, or ISO 22000, QAVACH is your ultimate partner in excellence. Built on the foundation of international best practices, our platform revolutionizes quality management systems, making certification achievement and maintenance a breeze.

QAVACH empowers your organization by streamlining the implementation, documentation, and upkeep of QMS, HSE, FSMS, ISMS, and more. Stay ahead with real-time updates and expert guidance, confidently navigating the dynamic landscape of standards and regulations. Experience unmatched efficiency with comprehensive document management, automated workflows, real-time monitoring, risk management, employee training, and audit management.

Invest in QAVACH to elevate your compliance processes, ensuring continuous improvement, operational excellence, and a strong safety culture across your organization.

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