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Price for Value

Qavach ensures you exceptional ROI with high quality

Evaluating the pricing for EHS software hinges on several variables including the number of licenses, the modules required. the period committed for and any preferences or unique requirements of your terminal.

There are certain factors that directly influence the “actual cost” of the software and Quantum has a policy to be transparent and upfront in advising you to make a prudent decision.

Please feel free to schedule a call at any time with any of our team to get complete clarity and for a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to be advised to you.

Key Factors

Six things you should know that impact your Cost of Ownership

Your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has many components, of which a number remain unknown till you are confronted with them, often at a later point in time.

It would be wise to consider these elements closely before you embark on this journey, but it is also important that we establish your trust from the very onset.

There are factors that can save you a significant amount of money by licensing the Qavach in its functional completeness and design for container terminals, and equally, there are factors that save you a lot of possible costs in how the system is hosted, implemented, and the timelines to go live.

At the end of your analysis, we are certain these Key Factors will be one of the important decision-making aspects.


Take small, measured, and secure engagement steps

Quantum has a very flexible licensing policy that allows you to choose what is right for your terminal's HSE team and those who contribute to HSE such as operations, management, or contractors.

There is a minimum baseline of the Qavach Core modules with a large portfolio of optional modules which can be licensed at the start, or progressively as your terminal scales up.

There are always benefits in numbers, and the larger the commencing number, the better the price or discounts. There is a baseline number of 20 licenses that is mandatory and above that, your terminal has the freedom to add or remove a license or modules at any time.

It is appropriate to point out that licenses are based on unique named users who are active employees of the terminal. In addition, terms of licensing and settlement are in on an annual basis.


Designed for container terminals means little or no customization

The Qavach is designed with a deep understanding of the HSE concerns of Ports and Terminals, and as such, it is feature-rich, complete, and comprehensive.

Significant sums of money can be saved by using an integrated HSE product like the Qavach that delivers significant functionality at a lower price, but also promotes knowledge-sharing and creates a safety culture and value.

Quantum's Qavach provides you with in-built workflows, communicators, exception management, reports, documents and dashboards within the standard product.

As an added benefit, Quantum also provides regular new module and feature updates as the product progresses along its roadmap, minimising your need for additional expenses.


Let us do the heavy lifting on our Cloud

Quantum takes on the responsibility of not only hosting the Qavach on our AWS/Oracle Cloud servers, but we also bear the cost of servers, databases, security back-up, and a variety of other cloud costs.

While hosting on Quantum's cloud is ideal for small to mid-sized Terminals who are looking to minimise their cost of operations or outsourcing this function, larger terminals who seek a unique fit of the Qavach to their operations and SOPs or are looking for extensive customization plans may seek an on-premise deployment plan.

Deploying on-premises may on the one hand reduce direct costs but also increase indirect costs in version management, new releases, and other technical factors.

It is recommended that if your terminal does not have its own data centre, and a policy for on-premises hosting, you commence with an on-cloud version to keep costs low.


We make adoption and transition simple

A fundamental aspect of how easy or hard implementation is lies in the system's user experience and product design. At Quantum, this was part of our early learning after studying many leading products and knowing what NOT to do.

It is crucial to ensure that users faced with a new HSE software don't have any negative sentiments. This is best done by making their work slow, from reporting an incident or doing a yard inspection, or any of the thousands of daily and seemingly mundane tasks, and letting them immediately appreciate the ease of doing their tasks and the time that they save.

The Qavach is intuitive and knows exactly how to report a near-miss or conduct a root cause analysis and guides the users along. That is half the battle won.

This eliminates a huge cost in implementation time or additional training and consulting. A manual desk-to-desk implementation can be both time-consuming and expensive.

Quantum's philosophy is to give you all the implementation tools as part of your license package and enable you to self-manage your progression at a minimum cost.


From us to you, in just 6 weeks

Quantum's Qavach comes out of a box, literally, and it is preconfigured to be deployed at your terminal within seven days after a contract is executed.

The fundamental advantage in your decision to choose Qavach is that it is a specialized HSE software for Ports and Terminals, and that means it only speaks your language and is set up for your work environment.

The deployments done by Qavach on each new terminal make this setup better and more readily executable than before. It is a great strategy and to your best advantage.

Quantum has a team of training specialists who use online content along with embedded user manuals that ensure a very high level of user competence and readiness to conduct a system pilot and go-live within 6 weeks.

Each project of the Qavach has a dedicated team that supports your terminal from engagement through training to going live and post-implementation support.


More bang for the buck

Most Maintenance and Technical Support Agreements (MTSA) will only go so far as to fix defects, in a reasonable period of time. Yet Quantum and the Qavach go a great deal further.

It is true that the primary purpose of Quantum's MTSA is a legal obligation to support the Qavach and maintain a high TAT (Turnaround time) but it is the enhancements and upgrades that add true value.

With each deployment that the Qavach does, it learns from HSE experts and terminals like yourselves, and all this learning comes back to the product, and thereby back to you, at no additional cost.

We are also in an environment where technology is red-hot, and innovation is a daily occurrence. In keeping the product "future proof" Quantum has a continuous upgrade program. And this too comes to you, at no cost.

Lastly, the Qavach has a long and ambitious product roadmap, with no less than 30 key modules we plan to build over the next 2 years. As a current user, these are available to you at an amazing discount as a first mover.

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