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Container Terminal

Uniquely designed HSE system for Container Terminals

Container terminals have one of the world's highest interfaces of machinery and humans, and as such, it is no surprise that they constitute a very high-risk work environment.

There are extreme complexities in the operations across multiple work areas, operating processes, direct employees, contractors, and visitors. To ensure their safety is a significant task.

Quantum's Qavach has been designed by container terminal HSE specialists, taking into account the most granular details to ensure each procedure is covered and risks are mitigated.

The extensive portfolio of modules and features in the Qavach speaks the unique language of HSE professionals and allows deployment with minimum or no configuration.

Designed by container terminal HSE professionals for other HSE professionals it is a very good fit and goes live in just 6 weeks from engagement.

ICD's and CFS

Wherever a container is handled, Qavach gives you protection

A significantly neglected sector in the global port and terminal business, there are upward of 50 thousand small or large inland container depots and container freight stations, all at high risk.

With processes less defined and workplace compliance less stringent, the risk of incidences and their consequence is extremely high.

The Qavach allows the ICD's and CFS to deploy the core of the product off the cloud, and ensure a culture and value of safety is created.

Break Bulk Operations

The need for safety is not just in a container

The world commenced shipping cargo without containers and today, a very significant volume of global trade is still transported in ‘break bulk’ or in a non-containerized form.

Quantum's Qavach is configured to a business model for Break Bulk, be it piece cargo, heavy lifts, vehicles, or other general cargo. Configurable masters ensure easy adaptation.

Break Bulk and General Cargo terminals may not have the same level of insight, compliance, and audit placing them in a high risk category, that Qavach can instantly solve.

Port Infrastructure

Your infrastructure remains a High-Risk environment

Your port has a significant amount of man and machinery interface, where direct employees, contractors, and visitors are at risk.

Whether a "landlord" or a facility operator, Quantum's Qavach can integrate all your processes and personnel to a single safety environment.

An extensive range of features allows real-time capture of events and corrective and preventive action but also provides a platform for audit and compliance.

Significantly, the Sustainability and Environment modules would be a primary source of factual and single-source data for your ESG reporting.

Qavach gives you safety, cost savings, and enhanced visibility.

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